Wave Attenuation Across Near Shore Breakwaters


HDR, Inc.


May 2009 to November 2009

HDR, Inc.

ENCOS was contracted by HDR, Inc. to collect wave data at three near shore locations and one offshore location.  The study area is located south of the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.  HDR constructed two breakwaters for a shoreline protection demonstration project under contract for the Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration.  ENCOS installed one Teledyne RD Instruments Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) offshore to measure dominant wave period, direction, and wave height.  ENCOS installed one control station and two stations behind the HDR constructed breakwaters to measure dominant wave period, wave height, and water level.  Three (3) iSic 3100 data loggers were interfaced with a NexSens Accustage vented pressure sensor to collect the data.  The near shore stations are set to log data every 60 minutes and collect 1024 wave burst samples over a 4 minute period.  The data is processed in the data logger and is transmitted hourly. The raw burst data and the processed data is stored remotely in an offsite database.  Each data logger is connected to a cellular modem for data transmission and offsite storage.  The ability to monitor, in  real time, the pressure sensors and data loggers allow continuous monitoring of the sites for data integrity and the correction of potential problems.  ENCOS also installed a Vaisala WXT 520 weather station that provides air temperature, wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity, and daily rainfall real time on an hourly basis.  The water levels are converted to NAVD 88. 

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Wave Attenuation Across Near Shore Breakwaters Request This Service
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