Marsh Creation and Terracing Project (TE-51)


Coastal Engineering Consultants


July 2009 to September 2009

ENCOS was sub-contracted to Coastal Engineering Consultants to provide oyster resource mitigation services necessary to assist the Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration (OCPR) and its contractor in performing a Geotechnical Investigation for the Madison Bay Marsh Creation and Terracing project (TE-51).

To best develop a mitigation strategy ENCOS biologists assimilated existing data to develop access routes to nine boring locations.  The access routes, restrictions, and recommendations were designed to mitigate impact to existing oyster leases.  Once the preliminary route was determined, the ENCOS oyster assessment team poled the access route that crossed private oyster leases to determine if there were oysters present.  ENCOS presented their field findings and recommendations in a meeting with OCPR and their contractor to best mitigate impacts to oyster leases.  ENCOS biologists were onsite during drilling operations documenting drilling activities and ensuring that the drilling contractor followed the designated access route and restrictions.

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