Little Lagoon Pass Study



January 2005 to August 2005

ENCOS was subcontracted through Moffatt & Nichol Engineers to collect water velocity, water direction, and water elevation data for the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) for an inlet study to determine maintenance strategies for Little Lagoon Pass. 

ENCOS used an R D Instrument Workhorse Monitor operating at 1200kHz mounted to an ALDOT fabricated weighted sled to collect water velocity and direction in vertical strata from near the instrument to near the surface.   

ENCOS installed two YSI 600 OMS vented level datasondes to measure water elevation, water temperature, specific conductance, and salinity at two locations in the lagoon north of Hwy. 182 in Gulfshores, AL.  These datasondes measured vented water level, specific conductance, salinity, and water temperature.  The datasondes were surveyed to obtain horizontal and vertical coordinates.  The surveyed data was used to correlate the water elevation data to NAVD 88. 

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