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LDAR Technician/Industrial Hygiene Technician

Environmental LDAR Technician/Industrial Hygiene Technician

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Location:  Baton Rouge, LA


Salary:  Depending on Experience

Term: Full time, 60-day probationary period


Benefits:  Paid vacation / personal time, health and life insurance, dental insurance

Job Summary:  ENCOS is seeking an energetic and self-motivated individual to join the Compliance Services team as an Environmental Scientist/LDAR Technician.

The Compliance Division of ENCOS specializes in Leak Detection and Repair Programs that are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and other various state agencies.  In response to Clean Air legislation adopted by the Congress of the United States under the Clean Air Act (CAA), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published regulations mandating control of fugitive emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and toxic compounds within chemical processing plants, natural gas processing plants and refineries. These regulations were adopted to control two problems: 1) Ground level ozone which creates serious health problems and damage to vegetation, and 2) The release of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) which can cause adverse health effects such as cancer.

Position Duties LDAR:

Work will be performed in an industrial setting. The successful candidate will conduct Method 21 monitoring, collect monitoring data, identify affected equipment and maintain an inventory of these items. Must be self motivated and be able to work unsupervised at times. The individual must maintain daily logs and follow up on items that require additional monitoring. The individual must have the ability to carry a fifteen pound monitoring instrument in a backpack for extended periods in various weather conditions and ability to climb and work on elevated platforms while carrying the backpack. The candidate must be able to Download monitoring data to an environmental computer and complete reports based on monitoring data collected in the field. Attention to detail, good math skills, troubleshooting skills and a good mechanical aptitude are beneficial in learning the environmental side of our business. General computer knowledge and a general understanding of MS Office products are helpful. Basic chemical plant, refinery or industrial knowledge or exposure is beneficial but not required.

Position Duties Industrial Hygiene:

The maintenance and installation of various industrial hygiene monitors including but not limited to area lead, asbestos monitors, low and high flow monitors, H2S monitors, and organic vapor monitors. Field responsibilities will be to work in an industrial setting and strategically placing various monitors around work areas or on individual personnel to obtain the data. The instruments must be calibrated and maintained according to specs.  Samples will be collected and submitted to the various labs via a chain-of-custody.  Detailed records and logs must be maintained.



High School Diploma is required. Degree from university or community college is helpful but not required.

Minimum Experience

1-3 year’s experience - Basic plant experience in a related industry and has knowledge of the affected equipment and/or processing.

Preferred Experience

3+ year’s experience - Experience in environmental monitoring with a previous employer in position that is similar to the duties section above.


Additional Desired Qualifications:

Knowledge of Various Environmental LDAR Programs, use of various data loggers and monitoring equipment. Advanced experience with MS Office (Word, Excel, Access) and a strong technical writing ability. Ability to read P&ID’s and a strong knowledge of piping and equipment in an industrial setting is an asset. Industrial Hygiene monitoring experience is an added plus. Applicant must possess a valid driver’s license and clean driving record. Drug screen will be performed and a TWIC Card is required prior to any offer of employment.

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