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LDAR Superintendent/Area Manager

LDAR Facility Superintendent

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Location:     Baton Rouge, LA

Salary:       Depending on Experience

Term:         Full-time, 60-day probationary period

Benefits:    Paid vacation/ personal time, health and life insurance, dental insurance

General Duties/Examples of Work

The LDAR Superintendent is responsible for insuring that all LDAR work is completed in a timely manner and at the highest standards.  The Superintendent is responsible for all reports and insuring the reports are submitted timely to the Compliance Services Division Manager.  The Superintendent is responsible for insuring all employees at his facilities are productive and generating revenue at an acceptable margin.  The Superintendent is expected to keep current with the latest technology in order to maintain competitive. The LDAR Superintendent is responsible to oversee the maintenance of all equipment and the proper inventory of equipment and supplies are available to his staff. The Superintendent is expected to train, mentor, and evaluate employees to assist in their growth and development.  LDAR Superintendent is responsible for insuring crews have proper overnight accommodations for accounts assigned to this position.

Field Work

The LDAR Superintendent will coordinate any and all necessary field work in such a way that all work is conducted in a timely fashion in order to best meet the needs of the client and company. The Superintendent will be required to conduct fieldwork as needed to insure monitoring is completed and the quality of work meets the highest standards.


The LDAR Superintendent will be responsible for insuring all LDAR monitoring and reporting is completed.  The Superintendent should make sure that they are properly staffed and the appropriate revenue is being generated.  The Superintendent will work closely with the Compliance Services Division manager.

Industrial Hygiene (including noise)

The maintenance and installation of various industrial hygiene monitors including but not limited to area lead, asbestos monitors, low and high flow monitors, H2S monitors, and organic vapor monitors.  Field responsibilities will be to work in an industrial setting and strategically placing various monitors around work area or on individual personnel to obtain the data.  The instruments must be calibrated and maintained according to specs.  Samples will be collected and submitted to the various labs via a chain-of-custody.  Detailed records and logs must be maintained.  Some overnight travel is required. 

Marketing & Customer Relations

The LDAR Superintendent is expected to spend at least 5% of the normal work week (2-4 hours per week) marketing additional services to existing clients.  The Superintendent is expected to assist the Compliance Services Division Manager with marketing efforts and should always be looking for opportunities to push additional services provided by ENCOS.


5+ years previous LDAR Supervisor and/or LDAR Lead Technician duties.

Preferred Skills

Microsoft Office                                   Various LDAR Software                       Ability to read PFD’s and P&ID’s

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